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Probably you and your children do not know the magical fairy tales characters Kuma Lisa and Ezhko Bezhko, Grandpa Petko and Granny Pena yet? They are all characters from the Bulgarian fairy tales. What are they? Are they merry or are they sad? Let the children answer these questions by themselves.

We propose to Russian children to draw illustrations for the Bulgarian folklore fairy tales. In order to ensure equality for all the children we chose the fairy tales (all of them translated in Russian). The children - either by themselves or together with their parents - can read them in the Russian version of our website. 

 Organizer of the competition - the Bulgarian Cultural Institute at the Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria in Moscow

 Deadline - May - September, 2013

 Style and format of the drawings - according to the choice of the little artists

Main condition when evaluating - the emotional experience and the mastership in performance. The drawings of the children will be evaluated in two age categories:
·         Aged 7 - 9
·         Aged 10 - 12

Rounds of the competition:
I Round - pre-selection of the drawings (until 1 September)
II Round - determination of the nominated works and the winners (until 15 September)

The announcement of the results of the competition and awarding of the winners: 

To be held on 19 September 2013 at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in the frames of the opening of the exhibition "Children Draw Bulgarian Fairy Tales".

1 "Nikoloyamska" Str., Moscow
Bulgarian Cultural Institute

Bulgarian Cultural Institute
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