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The Bulgarian Orthodox Church was nominated for Nobel Prize for Peace' 2013, the official website of the Holy Synod announced.

This year Bulgaria marked the 70th Anniversary of the salvation of its Jewish people. The extermination of 70 thousand innocent men, women and children during the most cruel chase of Jews ever - the Holocost was stopped in 1943 by the entire Bulgarian society thanks to the action of 43 members of the 25th National Assembly and 21 intellectuals.

But as mentioned by the Holy Synod it was the Bulgarian Orthodox Church which was the real initiator and the spiritual motor for the salvation of the Bulgarian Jewish people.

Its prelates - Exarch Stefan, the Bishop of Plovdiv Cyril as well, as the whole Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church played the main role in the salvation of the Jewish people as well as against the adoption and execution of laws for discrimination of Jews.

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church was the only religious institution in a territory controlled by Hitler which openly declared its position.

70 years later the Bulgarian Orthodox Church became the only religious institution nominated for the Nobel Peace Award, as it is written on the website of the Holy Synod.

The winners for 2013 will be announced in October.

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church nomination is made by Luchezar Toshev in his capacity of one of the persons who have the right to nominate candidates for the Nobel Price for Peace.

Luchezar Toshev is an Honorable member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The bust of Dimiter Peshev, Deputy Chairman of the 25th National Assembly of Bulgaria was put beside the memorial busts of the most prominent leaders of Europe, the so called "Father of Europe" following his proposal.

Since 1901 when they started giving the Nobel Prize for Peace, the award had been given 93 times to 124 prize-winners - 100 persons and 24 organizations.

 Among them are the International Committee of the Red Cross Organization - awarded in 1917, 1944 and 1963 as well as the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (1954 and 1981).

  Last year the award was given to the European Union.



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